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Mikayla H. O'Neill -Freelance Artist

Mikayla Honor O'Neill is a freelance artist originally from West Virginia and now resides in Chicago, IL to pursue a more diverse range of art. She graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Design/Technology concentrating in costume design and construction. Her love for art grows in many different ways like using it to promote advocacy in suicide prevention by being the marketing director for the BrianONeillJrFoundation based in West Virginia. She continues to use her love for the arts to achieve a masters degree in Art Therapy: Counseling as well as continue to create things that spark joy. That is why she started Imagined where she can share her creativity with others. Her line of jewelry is centered around the beauty of the outdoor world because everything comes in all shapes and sizes and it is all beautiful in its own way. She finds joy in the bright colors that she has chosen in each piece and hopes others will enjoy them as well. 

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