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Material: ear wire, fishhook silver, chipped beads


Each set of earrings is unique in it’s own way. Using crystal chip beads gives it a very natural look but in a beautiful way. Each crystal has its own meaning….

Green Aventurine: strength, confidence, courage, happiness

Orange carnelian: empowers, warmth, joy

Rustic orange quartz: enthusiasm, creativity

Pink rose quartz: unconditional love

Yellow citrine: joy, transmutation, abundance

Amethyst: enhance spiritual visions, enlightenment, emotional/spiritual protection

Turquoise: wisdom, tranquility, protection

Green peridot: brings good health, balancing emotions and mind

Aqua: inner peace, serenity

Red corral: diplomacy and concurrence, quiets the emotions

White river shell: resurrection, birth, good fortune



Crystal Chip Earrings

SKU: 366615376135191
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